A Blackjack Bargainer. Primary view of object titled ‘A Blackjack Bargainer’. Thumbnail image of item number 1 in: ‘A Blackjack Bargainer’. A Blackjack Bargainer. O Henry. The most disreputable thing in Yancey Goree’s law office was Goree himself, sprawled in his creakv old arm- chair. The rickety. Read A Blackjack Bargainer by O Henry for free at Read Print.

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Provided By Austin History Center, Austin Public Library As the local history division of the Austin Public Library, the Austin History Center collects and blackmack information about local governments, businesses, residents, institutions, and neighborhoods so that generations to come will have access to Austin history.

This writing can be searched. At three o’clock in the morning they brought him back to his office, shorn and unconscious. Tonia rated it liked it Oct 22, But Yancey Goree was not thinking of feuds.

Coltrane left him in his mood, relying upon the influence of changed surroundings to restore his equilibrium. We ‘uns ain’t quality, but we’re uyin’ into it as fur as we can. The gang slipped away through the early morning twilight. Munsey Place of Publication: His law business was extinct; no case had been intrusted to him in two years.

His biography shows where he found inspiration for his characters. The man was sickened of the husks; his prodigal heart was turning again toward the mountains. The mountain air will soon clear it up. The names on them moiivments is ‘Goree,’ but they can be changed to ourn by — “.

Shall I w-wrap it up for you, Mr.

A Blackjack Bargainer

Two years later, he returned on account of his wife’s illness. Michael Lloyd-Billington rated it liked it Sep 14, After settling a feud, however, he manages O.

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I want you bargaienr come to my house and stay until you are yourself again, and as much longer as you will. Will you drop our old family trouble and come with me? In the silence that followed Garvey’s last speech the rattling of the poker chips in the court-house could be plainly heard.

Goree, that sech things suits me — fur me, give me them thar.

The little white patch he saw away up on the side of Blackjack was Laurel, the village near which he had been born and bred. What Descriptive information to help identify this prose fiction.

I didn’t see any particular meaning to the story bladkjack characters I gained significant perspective from. Laurel yielded a halting round of feeble social distractions comportable with Martella’s ambitions, and was not entirely without recommendation to Pike, its contiguity to the mountains presenting advantages for sudden retreat in case fashionable society should make it advisable.

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Goree sat straight in the saddle, with head erect, but his eyes were turned to the right, sharply scanning every shrub and fence and hiding-place in the old homestead yard. The little white houses of Laurel shone through the trees, half a mile away. But when the means came, she felt a rekindled desire to assume the perquisites of her sex — to sit at tea tables; to buy futile things; to whitewash the hideous veracity of life with a little form and ceremony.

Boyd added it Nov 09, I made a better trade than I was thinkin’. T IIl moat disreputalb le hing in Yancey Goree’s law oilice was iiire imluicelf, spraiiled in his creaky oli arm hI ir. Descriptive information to help identify this prose z.


Well, let’s get home before daylight. Strangers live there now — and look at me! His befuddled brain was hopelessly attacking the problem of the future maintenance of himself and his favourite follies. The colonel’s eyes refused to wander to the soiled, sagging suit of flax and the faded slouch hat.

It has been viewed timeswith 10 in the last month. The broken gamlbler had inel l drunkIard ;and prusite; he had lied l see thiis day m1e when the inen who had stripped hint denied hin a seat at the ai e. They who cast doubts upon Garvey’s soundness of mind had a strong witness in the man’s countenance. They had neither dog nor children to mitigate the heavy silence of the hills.

She could always hear the awful silence of Blackjack sounding through the stillest of nights. T he most disreputable thing in Yancey Goree’s law office was Goree himself, sprawled in his creaky old arm-chair. The following text was automatically extracted from the image on this page using optical character recognition software: The rickety little office, built of red brick, was set flush with the street — the main street of the town of Bethel.

The money was clutched in his moist hand. The sheriff, the sportive deputy, the bargqiner clerk, and the gay attorney carried him, the chalk-faced man “from the valley” acting as escort. A cloud of dust was rolling, slowly up the parched street, with something travelling in the midst of it.