1 fan ( mm). Connectors be quiet! Straight Power BQT EW. Type of connector for the motherboard: 20+4 pin. Number of connectors 4-pin CPU: 2. The be quiet! Straight Power BQT E The be quiet! BQ T E W. W. 6W. 12,5 W. 30A. 30A. 0,5A. W. – Va c. 50 – 60Hz. 10 – 5A. W. Be quiet! no unknown quantity is surely manufacturer, if it concerns power packs. In Silencerkreisen by the earlier P5 and P6 and the.

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Be Quiet Pure Power 11 W. The only way to add a resistor or a pot temporarily to the thermistor is by soldering it in on the bottom of the PCB The attached photos are from a E parts unit. Join our Consumer Panel! Pure Power 11 W.

Ebay sure can find fake caps from china with appropriate bst, but that’s another thing. Dark Power Pro w. Die Antwort ist recht einfach: Users – 0 Reviews Average score from owners of the product. Find More Posts by momaka. Product age Excludes all products which are older than the age you have chosen.

It prevents startup and can fry 5VSB related components due to them running hot.

TechPowerUp Review Database

If it doesn’t work, then you can recap it again and squeeze in some more appropriate replacements. Straight Power CM W. Be quiet Dark Power Pro 10 W. Average score from owners of the product. There will be no compensation issues with a low power output like that. Our category browser page lets you browse through recent Be Quiet! Pure Power 10 CM. Be Quiet Power Zone W. Concerns over PC noise have also begun Reviews of Be Quiet! Pure Power 9 CM. Straight Power E8 W. Unfortunately none on my e-500w shops in Finland have them in this size, and ordering internationally is often pricy.


Join our Consumer Panel!

Be Quiet System Power 9 W. Thessaloniki, Greece My Country: Scroll down and see all reviews for Be Quiet!

Be Quiet Straight Power 10 W. Power supplies are now coming into their own in the PC-build market with an increasingly large number of builders, including first-timers, recognizing the need for high-end, stable PSUs to drive their custom rigs.

Needs to be a good quality low-esr cap cause the fans on these PSUs literally produce no airflow whatsoever till the PSU is cooking and the fan controller decides to wake up and provide more than just 3V! Dark Power Pro P10 W.

Be quiet! Straight Power E5 W specifications

I’ve had a really bad EW once which seems to have been used with bad caps up to the point where the diodes in the 5VSB area around the smaller transformer were running hot for so long that the PCB disintegrated and disconnected them bottom of the PCB was black in that area and literally turned into dust upon touching it. Dark Power PRO Pure Power 11 W NikkTech. Any experiences on those? You installed the jumper wires backwards Main PC: Straight Power 11 W and W. More popular products from the same btq.


I’m not good at reading the board layout, so I can’t tell if the lower capacitance would have some effect on the behavior of the circuit. Thank you very much for comments!

I’ve read from the forums here and here that there’s some choices for the same size three as far as I know: I’ll post some updates when I’ve done the recapping and the possible fan replacement, or if I run into any ee5-500w problems. Straight Power 10 CM W. Find More Posts by Scenic. Pure Power 9 CM W. Reviews page 1 of 1. I hope you could help me with that.

Dark Power Pro P9 W. Find More Posts by tom All times are GMT These would be much easier to get. Find More Posts by mockingbird.

Be Quiet Dark Power Pro Be Quiet PurePower W. Was this review helpful? Since my plug is on wires, which I can have away from the PSU, it also saves having my hands too close to live components.

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