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Yes, I wish a 24 month function guarantee by return of my defective article! Have a look at the references to find a more complete specification.

Your system has a fault present. The supply temperature is the heating water temperature, generated by the boiler, as it is supplied to the heating zone.

The cover must be closed when you do so. The selected switch point starts flashing. Setting Room Temperatures RC35 heating circuits. Index Please open cover On boilers with UBA1. Do this by pressing the night button. The exact location of these clamps will depend on your installation.

Deleting A Switching Point The selected program, user defined1 or user defined2, is used from now on for that heating circuit. B In the event of a fault: This is a status message containing some general information about the working conditions of the system. Table Of Contents 5. However, you can also set separate programs for both functions sections 5. With the RC35 user interface, you can operate and control multiple heating zones Fig. The boiler controller MC10 Basic Controller will send it periodically.


You only need to adjust the thermostatic valves on the radiators if it is too cool or too warm in individual rooms.

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Various different factors influence the room temperature. Finally, you will find in this page the steps followed to integrate and import the boiler information in weeWx. The set time is displayed briefly. The standard display then re-appears. Page 16 – Setting the room temperature for particu Hold down the button and turn the dial to change the cr35 for that switch ubderus. Product Description Product description 3. In case the web is not available, I have exported it as a PDF.

B Answer the question Continue cancelling the vacation mode?

In the case of large heating systems with multiple heating zones, note the following: In the house where I am currently living there is an old Buderus boiler. The selected program, user defined1 or user defined2, is used from now on for that heating circuit.

Page 46 User menu A thermometer may indicate temperature budegus more slowly or rapidly than the RC Luckily, Buderus boilers use a partially-documented protocol to communicate the controllers with the heating modules.

This is the standard application. To know if your installation is compatible with this tutorial, look at your room controller. Turn it further to go to a different day of the week. The DHW Once rc53 should be, theoretically, activated by means of this data package.



Page 16 – Setting the room temperature for particu Messages On The Display If the interruption lasts longer, the recordings are reset to zero and start again.

You can save and buderu select two new or modified switching programs as user defined 1 or user defined 2. Leave the windows wide open for a few minutes rather than leaving them slightly open all the time. RC2x can also be installed for additional heating circuits [2].

The room temperature is set as described below. Page 27 With the RC35 programming unit, you can operate and control bucerus heating circuits [1]. Adjusting The Standard Display — collector temperature with solar heating systems only 5. If you wish to compare the measured room temperature with the values recorded using another thermometer, it is important to observe the following: The bus master polls continuously to the rest of devices.

Buderus RC35 Solar Card Room Controller Logamatic EMS

Note on using this manual: The modified room temperatures are day: Troubleshooting Why does a separate thermometer not cr35 the room temperature set in the RC35? Information about the appliance 3. Please notify us within next 30 days when the product is available again: