Dungeon Plungin’ is a gmless, fantasy, dungeon crawl game for players. Get all the news about it here! Board Statistics. Threads and Posts. Total Threads. So after I reviewed Warhammer Quest and a reader asked me to review Dungeon Plungin’, my first gut reaction was a big fat, ‘oh, hell no. Game Masterless Dungeon Crawling. Version You entered the dark dungeon , battled countless Dungeon Plungin’ draws on those cherished memories.

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This is a lot of work. I made a warrior priest, a shadow thief, a fire mage and a pit fighter in about 45 minutes, and they’re each more-or-less thematic – the warrior priest can heal and swing a sledge hammer, the shadow thief has spells that let him detect traps, the pit fighter swings two weapons, and the fire mage So after I reviewed Warhammer Quest and a reader asked me to review Dungeon Plungin’, my first gut reaction was a big fat, ‘oh, hell no.

Once I built the tiles and miniatures to play, I had to make characters. Like if we compare Dungeon Plungin’ to Warhammer Quest, and we’re talking about how you figure out where stuff is at, Warhammer Quest would be a lear jet, and Dungeon Plungin’ is a boxy antique Land Rover.

If a game is free on the ol’ Interweb, I tend to think that’s because it’s not good enough to ask money for it. Almost all these rolls make you check a table, and I’m not going to lie – this is the opposite of streamlined. The defender rolls his defense score, counts the 5s and 6s, and blocks that much damage.

You just keep swinging and hoping you can bring them down, and if they’re tough, dungeln could take a few turns. No, I don’t guess I will. This is because I played it solo. You roll for each monster to figure out where it’s at.

Drake’s Flames: Dungeon Game Review – Dungeon Plungin’

If a game is already free, I don’t need to write about it to get a copy, do I? The beginning of a dungeon can seem a little simple sometimes, because your heroes are going to act before the monsters, and every monster seems to have a double major in falling down and crying. It might not take you three weeks to put together this set.


I’m going to write more spells for my fire mage to learn, and invent some weapons for my pit fighter to swing. So with characters, miniatures, tiles and rules all ready to go, I finally got to play the sample dungeon. And then I’m going to go to the Oversoul Games forums and show them off, and ask for input, and see if all my ideas totally suck, and then use them anyway. Not me, I’ll tell you that. Then my fire mage needs to chuck a few fireballs, and if there’s anyone left standing hopefully all alone in a corner somewheremy shadow thief can run in and poke their eyes out.

And by ‘a lot of work’, I mean it took me three weeks to get enough assembled to play the first scenario, and I still haven’t assembled half of the skeletons, or any of the squirrels yes, there really are squirrels.

You might have some free time, and you might also not be quite as anal retentive about game pieces as I am. Before I was able to find out how fun Dungeon Plungin’ is, though, I had to put it together – and this is where I started paying for my free game. He said it was worth a try, so I figured what the heck, I could give it a shot. BTW, Alger up there seems like a real stand-up guy.

Fail, and you can stand there looking like a bad David Copperfield impersonator. It helps that I couldn’t sell it if I wanted to, but if it was a collector’s item and I could get huge bank notes for it by selling the different pieces in separate bids like some sort of scalper eBay scab, I would still keep it.

You can play with up to four people, but since dungeon creation is random and monsters are ruled by laws that determine how they react to you, you don’t actually need a referee or bad guy player or dungeon dude or whatever else – you can do it all by yourself. I don’t review free games.

And the miniatures have to be glued together and cut out. All that rolling means that your opponents might all be scattered across the room, or they might be clustered right by the door.


Module:Dungeon Plungin’

There’s no way Dungeon Plungin’ is the only free game that’s this much fun. You can do that. And that’s awesome, because it can be a tough sell to persuade a room full of buddies to quit playing with duneon pre-painted plastic and fold-out battle mats and try a game whose rules I currently store in a three-ring binder.

But since the defenders only have to tie you, they can get by with fewer dice, so it’s sometimes a little tricky to make sure you drop the right guys before the other ones start carving on you like a chainsaw ice plngin.

It’s fairly straight-forward – you open a door, find out what’s beyond the door, find out if there are monsters, and if there are, you kill them and take their stuff. But there aren’t any kobolds, or rat men, or owl-headed bears or minotaurs, and frankly, I wanted more.

where to download? | Dungeon Plungin’ | BoardGameGeek

Posted by Matt Drake at 8: Plus I’m a grownup, and don’t have eight hours a day to spend with a can of spray mount and a sheet of foamcore. And then the troll killed three of my guys before I managed to bury him and his minions, so I finished the quest by the skin of my teeth.

Happily, when it comes to beating things to death, Dungeon Plungin’ actually improves on Warhammer Quest. The rules aren’t even laid out that well – it just looks like they were built in Microsoft Word. If you can download it, print it and play it, I don’t bother to review it. Yeah, you get it for free – but then you have to print it, glue it together, mount it, and otherwise spend countless hours on it just so you can get out of paying for a game.

But as you can see because you’re reading the review right nowI changed my mind.