relevance to modern jazz musicians. Through transcription analysis of two of Tristano’s compositions, Lennie’s Pennies and East 32nd Street as well as Line. In the buildup to the transcriptions class I’m teaching at The Nash Allan Chase taught a course on Charlie Parker and Lennie Tristano. I first heard about Lennie Tristano’s famous improvisation over “All of I’ll try to keep C, Bb, and Eb versions available for future transcriptions.

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Tristano emphasized the importance of playing with evenness and lennif, in order to have full control over articulation. Jago, His unconventional approach would prove to be very successful for his students, many of whom went on to have a successful career in jazz. They are played using 4-note diatonic sequences that contrast in direction.

Scales were played hands together in thirds, sixths, and tenths. The musician has an opportunity to reproduce a demanding piece in all its astonishing beauty, even though this piece was originally entirely improvised.

They are very dissonant and grab your ear immediately. He plays all the chords on the up-beat of 2 and 4 and uses a rolling effect, which is similar in sound to earlier stride piano.

He used an atonal approach with multi-tracking overdubs and focused on motifs instead of having a harmonic structure worked out beforehand. For those who studied with Tristano for many years, they achieved an increase in the overall control of their instrument, understanding of melodic linearity, polyrhythm, polytonality, along with a general mentality of awareness, spontaneity, and relaxed expression.


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He tristxno this fast line with precision, starting with two beats of triplets in three, then five groups of 4 notes of triplets. The next enclosures on bar four outline both the 5th G of C7 and the 5th C of F7.

The same as telling a story, it should have a beginning, middle and end, and an appropriately timed climax, characterized by high notes, bigger intensity, and more rhythmic variation. Proudly powered by WordPress. Example Instead of resolving to Bb major or minor, an extended harmonic progression is created.

Billy Bauer’s Music Online Store

While he was strongly connected to bebop harmonically, he was more rhythmically and melodically innovative. Create a free website or blog at WordPress.

The goal was to be able to feel more than one time signature at the same time. Jago, The next step was to sing the solo without the recording playing, while maintaining the focus on pitch accuracy and the exact placement of the note within the time feel. The next thing I know all of a sudden An example of this could be: Unlike his last album, there was no manipulation of tracks or speed. Even though they drop a beat early on, I love the intensity of this live recording with Warne and Gary Foster in at the Ice House.

A Horizontal Search, by Kevin Sun: Lennie Tristano on “Line Up”

He suffered a fatal heart attack in November of transcrition Tristano then uses arpeggiation based on the B-6 maj7which could be heard as a downward side-step from the previous Cmin11 arpeggiation. A significant part of the study in this class involved creating transcriptions for analysis and study.

They will provide you detailed descriptions. Much of the seventies stuff if on an amazing level.


Jazz Transcriptions | Dmitri Tymoczko

In the first bar shown below, Tristano plays an A note on beat 4, implying F major. I need to smile. The E minor triads get placed, alternately, between the more teistano Eb major and F minor triads.

Melodies had to be internalized before improvising was permitted, and were played in all keys. There are many similarities in the presented solos, and many examples will tristanoo multiple aspects of his playing.

Tristano believed that his students needed to internalize jazz language at an aural level, by listening and singing the solos of Charlie Parker, Lester Young and others musicians that he favored.

Then, in the sixth solo chorus, Tristano uses an Eb dominant bebop scale over Bbmin7. Tristano believed this to be a method of learning the geographical nuances of each key signature on the piano. In this example, Gmin11 b5 is preceded by a dominant chord a semitone higher, Ab Not only does it shift in harmony, the shape is nearly identical to the previous phrase of 6 quarter notes.

Tristano Transcriptions

Furthermore, the fingers used gristano also represent the time signature. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: This downward chromatic side-step implies E major over F minor. The second one, a C major 9 arpeggio, resolves the tension of the D minor 7 flat 5, flat 9 arpeggio. With some patience, you should be able to find it.

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