If you want to be good at snooker. You need to know these techniques?

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If you want to be good at snooker. You need to know these techniques?

Favorite Thai snooker player, competed. And used to be in the top ten in the world as well. After the match or playing snooker at UFABET. Became popular and more people interested in playing in Thailand. 

And began to have many skill amateur snooker players. And many better follow in the footsteps more And Thailand organized an amateur snooker competition. Find champions to compete in more world-class events than ever before. 

Because in the past, there was only one Tong who went international. For newbies or amateurs who want to be good at snooker.

Technique on how to play snooker good at snooker.

  1. A personal cue or our own. It is necessary to buy a cue stick. It must a stick that we comfortable with playing. The standard cue stick should be 3 cubits 3 inches long by the standard to suit the standard of the player or our body. When buying cue stick, try aim at the store before buy. Using the index, middle, Nang, Koi fingers to place a test aiming the cue stick first.
  2. To hold the cue stick, hold it 3 elbows 3 inches apart. Do not grip the cue too tightly or hold the cue too loose. Because it will not stab well. The cue stick will fall out of our hands.
  3. Placing the hands, we should place our hands about 1 creep away from the white ball.
  4. Leaning into snooker Measure the distance of holding the cue stick 3 cubits 3 inches. Compare the cue at the surface of the right hip. for right-handed people. The cue head is about half an inch from the white ball. Once the distance has reach. Stand up straight with both feet close together. When he reach. He leaned down and placed his finger on the felt. Ready to stab a snooker
  5. Taking a queue to stab. There must rhythm in the movement and stabbing like a pendulum of a clock that swings. Thrust into the center of the ball. Do not let it go beyond the position to stab. Let us concentrate our minds on the spot or position in the middle of the white ball. That we will stab.
  6. Sending a queue to stab the white ball. It must sent straight through the middle finger. Stab in the center Do not let the head of the cue go beyond the position of the white ball.