England 3-3 Germany: Collecting issues after yesterday’s

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England 3-3 Germany: Collecting issues after yesterday’s Nations League game, the roaring lions, the Iron Eagles.

England cheat death

Picture of today’s game in the first 45 minutes, the lion troop roared. He doesn’t seem to be inferior even though he has less possession on the ball. But they were able to defend until the visiting team couldn’t penetrate the dangerous area at all. There is also a counter game that can get more meat if Raheem Sterling is sharper than this. He would have taken the lead from before the first half was over. But shortly after the second half started, they lost a penalty.

Which made the game look hazy until they were led 0-2 in the last 20 minutes. But Southgate’s game correction today seems to be Clearly effective, they fired back 2 goals in a row in 3 minutes, and also shot over from the penalty spot in the last 10 minutes. Unfortunately, the Three Lions army couldn’t resist until. They were beaten to a 3-3 equalizer. But had to say. That if they always play like the last 20 minutes At the end of this year, there will definitely be a chance to touch the world championship.

Maguire arranged 2 content

One of the highlights that England and Red Devils fans will not want to remember is the continue presence. Southgate’s beloved son Harry Maguire in the starting XI. Plus, today I got hit content from involve in the team conceding two goals unforgivable. By the first ball, referred to easily miss in front of the penalty area, go into Musiala. Before being deceive causing him to kick a 19-year-old rising star falling into the frame. which after checking VAR, it is quite clear. That the focus is on penalties As for the other moment, it continues with not knowing. What fun I manage to drag the ball forward and deceive the visiting team’s defensive line. But not pushing through Losing the ball in the middle of the field. Being countered until the last shot by Havertz was a beautiful shot. Which, as a roaring lion football fan, can tell that there will definitely be a guard if this defender still has a team to go to the World Cup again.

Nick Pope made a mistake!

The absence of a previously injure. Jordan Pickford prompt Southgate to opt for Newcastle’s Nick Pope as their No. In which in this game. Although the overall picture is not bad Played quite sure. Plus the ball that lost the first two goals was really out of intelligence. But for the third goal. The subject was fully involved in receiving Gnabry’s shot. Splashing out of the envelope until it was repeatedly follow by Havertz. Which looks like it should be able to do better. It’s true that the ball is strong. But he was able to see the trajectory clearly. But decided to fall down to receive instead of brushing away. Finally missed This was an expensive lesson that ultimately led them to not winning six games in a row.