Henderson reveals Rashford trains brutally

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Henderson reveals Rashford trains brutally, likes to kick the ball in front of goal.

Dean Henderson has revealed Marcus Rashford, team-mate of Premier League giants Manchester United and the England national team, is a striker who likes to kick a ball in the face of a goalkeeper from distance. Not interested at all. According to reports from UFABET.

Hendo, who joins Nottingham Forest on loan until the end of the season and is now vying for number one, has hailed Rashford as a player. The toughest in training. Because referred to as kicking the ball compressed into the goalkeeper, regardless of whether the other party is injured or not.

“Whether it’s Harry Kane or Marcus Rashford, Rashford will hit it all, he’s going to stand in eight yards and it doesn’t care if you’re in the way. He just wants to hit the top.”

“You can’t escape. You want to get out of that range, but you can’t. It stings a lot, especially in the winter. He didn’t even care about the goalkeeper. I swear It wasn’t a good feeling at the time,” Henderson said. Manchester United’s on-loan goalkeeper Dean Henderson has criticized his parent club in an interview in the Scottish League Came to Arsenal in 2019. Although initially faced with injuries that did not play a lot on the field. But the last season became the main character of the agency until by playing 27 Premier League games