Milan close to agrees with Fonseca.

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AC Milan ignores protests from club fans Now there is an agreement close to appointing Paulo Fonseca as the new trainer.

On Saturday, some Rossoneri fans were report to have protest against the club being link. With rushing talks to bring in Fonseca to replace Stefano Pioli. 

Recently, UFABET revealed that Milan is not listening to the opposition from fans. And is moving forward with the final details to appoint Fonseca as the new manager.

The 51-year-old’s contract with Lille officially expires on June 30 and has so far shown no intention of extending it สมัคร ufabet. Makes it possible to negotiate in advance with other teams conveniently

It is consider a full move by the Milan board of directors. According to Italian media. Fonseca is prepare to accept a 3-year offer from a famous Serie A team and wants this to be done as well.

If everything is resolve and complete. It is expect that Milan will rush to arrange and sign the contract within this week immediately.

A three-year deal will be offer. But whether this is offer directly, or by two years with an option of a third remains unseen. His contract will be worth around €3 million per season. And the signs firmly point in the way of Fonseca leading the club into the post-Pioli era.