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Henderson reveals Rashford trains brutally

Henderson reveals Rashford trains brutally, likes to kick the ball in front of goal. Dean Henderson has revealed Marcus Rashford, team-mate of Premier League giants Manchester United and the England national team, is a striker who likes to kick a ball in the face of a goalkeeper from distance.

Romano confirms Manchester United accelerating contract

Romano confirms Manchester United are accelerating contract negotiations for Diogo Dalot. Manchester United Football Club of the English Premier League Football. Reportedly accelerating the table to negotiate a contract extension for Portugal national team right-back. Diogo Dalot out of the original. After referred to a satisfactory performance for

Manchester United squinting at fellow league teammates

Manchester United squinting at fellow league teammates after negotiations to extend De Gea’s contract have not progressed. Manchester United Football Club is reportedly considering the possibility of seizing the goalkeeper from the team. English premier league football After negotiating a contract extension David de Gea. The number one