Simons clearly won’t return to PSG next season.

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Xavi Simons has made it clear he will not return to PSG next season, according to a report from Foot UFABET.

The Dutch midfielder was transferred to Paris Saint-Germain. Brought back from PSV before being sent on loan to RB Leipzig, Promotion ufabet ready to play 43 games and produce 10 goals and 15 assists. 

There has been talk recently about the future of the 21-year-old attacking midfielder, with the media believing that he does not want to return to Paris Saint-Germain. Because famous Ligue 1 clubs do not guarantee positions and are highly competitive.

Foot UFABET recently revealed that Simons has decided not to return to the Parc des Princes and is preparing for the club to send himself out on loan again.

PSG coach Luis Enrique and his management team tried to convince Simons but were ultimately unsuccessful. As a result, all parties must find a solution to this issue together. 

Although the opportunity to sell Simons permanently remains a possibility. But French media believes it is probably a last resort or has very little chance. After this, PSG will search for teams interested in loaning Simons and conduct serious negotiations.

“To be honest, it’s not in my head to leave here. I feel good here and I’ve just settled in. I think you can see that on the field,” he added.

Given the clause is only active until the end of the next summer transfer window. It looks likely that PSV will be able to keep him for more than a year.